5 Kickass Reasons To Learn Python

Python has been the “go-to” language for Ethical hackers, Web developers, Application Developers, Data Scientists, Machine learning experts, System Admins and for anyone who want to get their job done quickly and efficiently.

So want makes python so special?

Well…there are many reasons why python is so powerful and popular. It is mainly because of it’s huge repositories of libraries, each designed for a specific task or application.

If you are planning to start off your programming career with little or no prior experience, then I would strongly recommend to give python a try.

Below I have listed 5 reasons to learn python.

#1 Easy to read and understand

The main philosophy behind python is code readability. Anyone can simply comprehend python code just by looking at it without having to google every keyword or statement. Python has simple syntax and expressions of which most of them are self explanatory. Code readability saves lot of time if your team is developing applications whose code needs to be reviewed every now and then. Nothing is as fun as code getting into your mind as you keep reading it.

#2 Flexible to use and implement

Python code can be included along side applications programmed in C, C++, Java or JavaScript without compromising in it’s efficiency or performance. We can also import code from other languages into python thanks to it’s huge repositories of libraries. Python is platform independent, that is you can run your code on any machine irrespective of the operating system.

#3 Open Source

Python is maintained by the Python Software Foundation which is a non profit organisation. It’s mission is to foster the development of the python community including the core python libraries. If you are into the open source community, then python is the way to go. You can find tons of libraries online thanks to the contributors around the world that are making our lives easier.

#4 Automate Tasks

If you are fed up of doing the same mechanical stuff everyday at work or at your home PC, try automating those tasks with python. Python can be used to automate simple as well as complex tasks which can save up a lot of time and effort. Automation is common among system admins and can be a great skill to add up in your resume.

#5  Be a Computer Scientist

Machine learning experts and data scientists mainly use python for data analysis and in developing complex machine learning algorithms. So if you are planning to step into the world of data science, then python would be a great platform to start off with.


This article should give you enough idea and the reasons to learn python. I will be writing a detailed article soon on how python is useful in each and every field of computer science.